Galactic Visions

Wish to be essayist, storyteller, artist, social entrepreneur, originator and ward off (evil) …

I value creativity, challenges, knowledge, awareness, and science. Usually, I’ve stayed in a country for about three years and moved to another one, a habit that I hope to keep for the rest of this short stay on Earth. Past few years, I’ve often found myself busy with tasks which should have been done however few attempted And those who attempted died young …


Degree related
Years Location Institute Degree
2004 - 2007 Tehran - Iran Allame-e Helli* Middle School
2007 - 2011 Tehran - Iran Allame-e Helli* High School
2015 - 2016 Geneva - Switzerland IFM University (Institute of Finance and Management) Bachelor of Business Administration
2016 - (present) Geneva - Switzerland IUG (International University in Geneva) Bachelor of Business Administration

* National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents


Years Location Institute Activity
2011 - 2012 Berlin - Germany Goethe Institute Learning German
2012 - 2013 Berlin - Germany Technische Universität Berlin Studienkolleg
2015 Berlin - Germany GSL Learning German
2015 Vichy - France Cavilam Learning French


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Ostwind (for-profit)